80/20 KONE "NEW" Crane

     Pre-Owned Cranes - Specializing in brokering, listing, buying and selling of used, surplus, refurbished, and new overhead cranes and runway systems. We handle most brands manufactured in the United States and some that are produced in Europe. Our specialty is large capacity overhead cranes for fabricating shops, steel mills, ship yards, heavy industrial or machining operations.

Offering a large inventory of cranes from various customers and end users, ranging from 1 ton capacity thru 400 ton capacity. In addition, we either broker, list, own outright or own jointly many cranes located in various parts of the United States, Canada, South America & Europe.

For the cost conscious buyer, we work closely with several "select" regional crane builders, Offering quotes from "refurbished" to "rebuilt". Approximately 90% of all crane sales involve some form of re-span, electrically tuned, control replacment, clean & paint, or a complete inspection by a certified professional. Initially all cranes are purchased "AS IS"., in the event you already have your own professionals.

If you do have surplus equipment to sell, Eaton Crane can provide you with a fair market value and either buy your equipment outright or list - sell it for you. getting maximum amount of return on your investment.

Eaton Crane has built its reputation on business on honesty, integrity and fair dealing. With years of industry experience and a talent pool available ranging from pre-engineering to completion.  Eaton Crane is the smart choice for all material handling pre-owned equipment.

"... Application.. Application... Application... " - ... having the right experience in knowing the right equipment,... for the right job is "key" - so many equipment dealers sell anything to anybody.... we sell only "Overhead Cranes & Runway Systems", .....fitting the "right equipment" for the right job..... 
                                                          Robert S. Unruh, Sr., General Manager

50T / 5T P&H 38' SPAN
50T P&H Under Power!
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